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The Arizona Science of Baseball provides a mechanism for at-risk middle school kids to improve their academic performance. Our goal is to translate the American love of baseball into an appreciation, understanding, and passion of the science and mathematics underlying the sport.  Through this we aim to empower students who are underperforming academically by focusing on their athletic strengths, capabilities, and interests.  By demonstrating the natural connection between baseball, science, and mathematics, the students are encouraged to define and pursue better life choices, including the goal of attending college.  This has the potential to improve academic achievement, provide a path to college, elevate socioeconomic status, and make Arizona an even better place to live.

The middle school years can make or break a child’s future academic and career success. Dealing with multiple issues all at once – peer pressure, the changes that come with puberty, and perceived gender roles – in an impersonal public school environment can be discouraging for many students and throw even the most talented students off the college track. The University of Arizona’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Program is a free program for talented, local middle school students that provides math and science enrichment at a critical juncture in their lives, improving their chances for achievement.

Arizona Science of Baseball

The STEM Program brings together students, their families, and local communities to encourage young people’s interest in the technical fields. Together, we prepare students for high academic performance, foster their lifelong love of math and science, and create new pathways for them to pursue academic and professional careers in the technical fields.

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